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UFOs Are Demons, Not Flying Saucers From Outer Space!

UFO's are out to deceive us, and only the pure of heart; only the godly; only the Real True Believers(tm)(©) can warn us about them in time until the Jesus comes to destroy these demon UFO beings.
不明飛行物出來是欺騙我們,和只有心靈純淨的,只有 對神敬虔的,只有真的信徒能及時警告我們有關它們,直到耶穌來摧毀這些惡魔UFO類物。

You see, UFOs are actually demons from Hell, trying hard to steal your soul from you by making you believe they are not incorporeal minions of Satan, but real, physical objects. The story goes as follows:

Demons exist and they move to and fro within the world. People who see them, and who believe in the existance of demons, will warn people about them and ward against them. Ah, but Satan is much too clever for that! He makes the demons look like flying saucers from outer space, i.e. look like machines of great technological abilities that fly through the air (why these so-called demons are not merely rendered invisible, the Real True Believer(tm)(©) never quite gets around to explain). This explains how aliens (i.e. demons) like the Greys can walk through walls, enter locked buildings, levitate their kidnapping victims, render their victims paralyzed, and do all the other neat and nifty things Space Brothers (er, I mean demons) can do.

Alas, there are evil, non-believing skeptics out there in the world, working hand-in-hand with these demons (unwillingly or willingly), trying to deceive people into believing that not only do demons not exist, but UFOs themselves not exist. These demon-spawned skeptics are making it damn hard for the Real True Believers(tm)(©) of God warn people of the danger.

Take for an instance Carl Sagan's article in 12-06-95's Parade. A few quotes might be of interest:
以一篇卡爾薩根的文章在12 - 06 - 95的Parade作例子。有一些引述可能會感興趣:

"Everything hinges on the matter of evidence. On so important a question of UFOs, the evidence must be airtight. The more we want it to be true, the more careful we have to be. No witness's say-so is good enough. People make mistakes. People play practical jokes. People stretch the truth for money, attention or fame. People occasionally misunderstand what they're seeing. People sometimes even see things that aren't there.
“一切事情都取決於證據這回,在這麼重要的一個不明飛行物的問題上,證據必須是無懈可擊的。我們越是希望它是真的,我們要越趨小心。沒有 '證人咁講' 是足夠的,人們常犯錯誤、人們玩惡作劇、人們為金錢、關注或名聲濫用事實、人們有時會誤解他們所看到的、人們有時甚至看到不存在的東西。

"Essentially all the UFO cases were anecdotes--- something asserted. Most people honestly reported what they saw, but what they saw were often natural--- if unfamiliar--- phenomena. Some UFO sightings turned out to be unconventional aircraft; conventional aircraft with unusual lighting patterns; high-altitude ballons; luminescent insects; planets seen under unusual atmospheric conditions; optical mirages and loomings; lenticular clouds; ball lightning; sun dogs; meteors, including green fireballs; and artificial satellites, nose cones and rocket boosters spectacularly reentering the atmosphere. (There are so many artificial satellites up there that they're always making garish displays somewhere in the world. Two or three decay every day in the Earth's atmosphere, the flaming debris often visible to the naked eye.)"

“基本上所有的UFO案件都是軼事趣聞 ---一些聲稱的東西。大多數人都如實地報告他們所看到的東西,但他們看到的經常是自然 ---如果不熟悉的 ---現象。一些UFO目擊原來是非常規的飛機、常規飛機有不尋常的照明模式、高空氣球、發光昆蟲、行星出現在不尋常的大氣層情況、光學海市蜃樓和隱約呈現的形象、莢狀雲、球狀閃電、太陽dogs、流星包括綠色火球、和人造衛星、鼻錐和火箭推進器壯觀地重返大氣層。(有這麼多的人造衛星在上面那裡,它們常在世界某個地方做出花招展示,每天兩或三次是人造衛星重返地球大氣層的日期,燃燒的碎片通常可用肉眼看見。)“

You see how demonic Carl Sagan is, deceiving people into believing UFOs don't even exist?!?!?!? HOW DARE HE!

Ah, but we have folks who Know The Truth(tm)(©) and they are very happy to share it with us. Below are links to just a few of the warnings we have received from Real True Believers(tm)(©).啊,但我們有人知道真相,和他們非常樂意與我們分享。下面的鏈接剛只是幾個我們已收到的警告,來自真的信徒。





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