Christians Against Mental Slavery

2013-09-16 02:01



Founded in the UK, we are now an international political pressure group, of bible believing Christians who believe that monitoring or influencing the thoughts of other people technologically, without their continuing, informed consent, should be declared a crime against humanity worldwide. We present well-researchedscientific evidence that this sort of interference with people's minds has already become technologically feasible. We engage in peaceful political action, in an attempt to get such interference outlawed all over the world.

European Parliament Resolution A4-0005/99 Paragraph 27 calls for a worldwide ban on weapons that might enable “any form” of the "manipulation of human beings".  It is disappointing that nothing seems to have happened so far in response to this. Such weapons must surely include what the US military calls V2K weapons - please use this alternative link if the US army web page defining "V2K" is unavailable. (Ed: please see Report by Sharon Weinberger of the page's permanent removal.) 

The group's members have all signed their agreement with our manifesto and have the same Christian beliefs (or "basis of faith"). However, we gladly already collaborate with other politically likeminded groups and individuals across the world, many of different religious persuasions or none, and many of whom also have their own websites. There are plenty of purely humanitarian reasons for you, even if you do not believe in the same God as we do (or in any god), still to express solidarity with us politically. The monitoring and the influence of a targeted individual's thought, both at the same time, enables the most terrible technique for the oppression of human rights to be fashioned - maybe your human rights one day, or your children's or grandchildren's.

Perhaps the name of our group reminds you of William Wilberforce MP and the movement to abolish the Atlantic slave trade. This is intentional. I am confident that we have identified what must become the number one new political issue of the 21st century, widely to become regarded as every bit as important in our day as was Wilberforce's struggle against the slavery he fought back in the 19th century.

If I had been more "bible believing" when I first discovered that it had become feasible nowadays to monitor and influence human thought technologically, I might not have been as surprised as I was. The deniable human rights abuses technologically feasible nowadays for the first time in human history were predicted almost two thousand years ago! You can find out more in the bible study on this website.

John Allman